Dobrogea Sites - Ulmetum (Pantelimon)

Ulmetum, today Pantelimon, was known, especially from inscriptions, as a new village founded in the modern era, with its name taken from the nearby elm forest. The archaeological diggings from 1911 to 1914 by Vasile Pârvan revealed a Roman-Byzantine fortification from the 4th century.

Before the 4th century AD fortress, Ulmetum was an important, fortified vicus, situated within the boundaries controlled by Capidava, at the crossroads of the routes linking the seaside cities, the Danube ones and those situated at the centre of the province.

The moeso-roman fortification has two perpendicular sides and another arched one that unites them, as can be seen from above.

Among the most important discoveries there were some funeral stelae, such as the stela of Attas Possei or the stela of Iulius Quadratus.

More info and photos can be found here.

An old picture and the fortress sketch follow:

UPDATE: after some years finally I got there:

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