Dobrogea Sites - Beroe (Piatra Frecăţei)

3 km south of the village Ostrov in the Piatra Frecăţei point, lies the ancient settlement of Beroe, mention it the Tabula Peutingeriana and Itinerarium Antonini.

The settlement and the Roman castro were built to enforce the Danube limes . Although the research has only reached the upper inhabitation levels, there were also findingsfrom the Bronze Age, the Neolithic, and the Iron Age.

The most information was gained from the research of the necropolis with 1339 tombs and the Paleo-Christian basilic from the 4-6th centuries AD, were more that 3000 objects were found.

The lack of evidence from the 7th century leads to the conclusion that the settlement was abandoned due to the invasions of the Avars and Slavs. An early medieval settlement took its place in the XI - XII centuries.

Here is as usual the Google map.

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