Dobrogea Sites - Libida (Slava Rusă)

The ancient fortress is situated along the valley of the stream Slava, were vestiges were found, dating back to middle-Paleolithic, Neolithic, Hallstatt, Latene, Roman, Roman-Byzantine and early middle ages periods.

The rapid development of this settlement during the Roman conquest was due to its strategic position, at the crossroads of many important commercial roads. Evolving similarly to Tropaeum Traiani and Ulmetum, placed on the same commercial road that ended at Noviodunum, Libida (or Ibida) developed in a short period, beginning with the 1st-2nd centuries AD, into an urban settlement.

During the 4th century, by the time Licinius and Constantine the Great were emperors, Libida was the biggest city in Dobrogea.

The defensive walls of the fortress have an impressive size, with fortifications 2000 meters long, 33 towers and three gates, similarly to the fortifications at Tropaeum Traiani.

Older diggings unearthed in the middle of the town a Paleo-christian Basilic of great dimensions.

Some more info can be found here and Google map here.

Below i've posted an old photo of the site and the fortress plan.

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