Dobrogea Sites - Păcuiul lui Soare

The island of Păcuiul lui Soare, a 6km long spit, hides a fortress built by the Emperor John Tzimiskes around 972AD (considered by some scientists to be the ancient Vicina), after the integration into the Byzantine Empire of the Scythia Minor province. In those times the Danubian limes was rebuilt and the fortress from Păcuiul lui Soare became a big naval fortress meant to oversee the enemy fleet on Danube and to defend the city of Durostorum.

In the beginning of the 15th century, at once with the ottoman domination, the fortress is abandoned and it's overwhelmed by aquatic vegetation.

Part of the ruins can be seen today, but most of them lie underwater. During droughty summers the ruins reveal themselves and even the remnants of an ancient sailing ship.

The location on Google maps and some photos here.

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