Dobrogea Sites - Arrubium (Măcin)

The ancient name is celtic, like Noviodunum, although there are no archaeological signs of celtic civilizations.

The discovery of getic coins pre-dating Philip of Macedon (382-336BC), along with native ceramics findings, prove the existence of an ancient getic-dacian settlement. The fortress was part of the Dacian kingdoms of Rhemaxos and Zyraxes, then conquered by the Roman Empire.

The fortress was used by Roman legions (as mentioned in antique Roman scripts - Tabula Peutingeriana, Itinerarium Antonini, Notitia Dignitatum Orientis), starting with ala I Vespasiana Dardanorum and ala II Aravacorum and the settlement quickly became a place for merchants and craftsmen.

In the 7th century the fortress was no longer used and in the 10-11th centuries its place was taken by an early medieval settlement.

Nowadays there isn't much to be seen at the ruins and the map from Google isn't that helpful either, the picture being taken during winter.

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