Dobrogea Sites - Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)

Being discovered in the begining of the 20th century, the archaeological complex of Tropaeum Traiani is one of the most important and famous ancient sites from the territory of Romania.

In this place, in the winter of 101-102 AD, battles of the first Roman-Dacian war were fought. Near the Roman municipium is an immense military war monument, built by Emperor Traianus in 109AD.

The monument is fully reconstructed and nearby can also be found the ruins of the ancient city and a museum (in the center of the village Adamclisi) which houses original sculpture from the monument. The fortress was one of the greatest civil roman settlements from Dobrogea. Its flourishing periods alternated with decline ones because of foreign attacks and migrations until the late 7th century when the city was abandoned for good.

Much more info and photos can be found on the cIMeC official site, on Wikipedia and here.

No satellite map available this time, but some old photos below.

Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)
Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)

And here are some of my personal photos taken at Adamclisi:

- the Tropaeum Traiani monument:

Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)

- the fortress :

Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)
Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)Tropaeum Traiani (Adamclisi)

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