Dobrogea Sites - Dinogetia (Garvân)

Founded during the last years of the 3rd century, on a land rich in getic, pre-roman and early roman evidence, the fortress of Dinogetia is part of the reorganization by Diocletian of the new Schythia Minor province.

Being placed on a rocky cliff, the fortress was an important defensive outpost on the bank of the Danube river. It was abandoned for 300 years in the 6th century AD and for good in the second half of the 12th century.

The first diggings started in 1939, were resumed after the Second World War only to be abandoned again. The process of discovery and restoration is still taking place. From the monuments outside the fortress, so far only the public bath's building (the Roman Thermae) has been fully researched.

Some pictures from the ruins can be found here and here is the location (by the way, the road is good and the fortress can be reached easily).

I've also taken some photos while being there :

Dinogetia (Garvan)Dinogetia (Garvan)Dinogetia (Garvan)Dinogetia (Garvan)Dinogetia (Garvan)Dinogetia (Garvan)

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