Prislop Monastery

Placed in Hunedoara county, surrounded by fantastic scenery, Prislop Monastery has been a convent for nuns since 1976, having as patron Saint John the Evangelist (Sfântul Apostol și Evanghelist Ioan Teologul). It is said to have been built by master-builder Nicodim (later sanctified) in the XIV-th century. He also had built the monasteries Tismana and Vodiţa in Wallachia. On the other hand, the "triconic" style from Prislop Monastery is unique in Transylvania.

The most valuable belonging of the monastery is the wonder-worker icon of the Virgin Mary, donated by lady Zamfira in 1580.

Being burnt in 1762 and belonging for almost two centuries to the the Greek-Catholic Romanian Church, the church was returned to the Orthodox Church in 1948, and under the leadership of Father Arsenie Boca it was reorganized and rebuilt to today's form.

More information and photos can be found here and a video here.

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