Cisnădioara (Michelsberg/Kisdisznód)

Cisnădioara village (Michelsberg or Kisdisznód), 10km away from the city of Sibiu (Hermannstadt) is one of the many Saxon Fortresses from Transylvania. The first document certifying the origins of the habitation dates back to 1223 , but the archaeological findings date back to a La Tène settlement. The most important monuments in village are the fortified church having as patron St. Michael and the Evangelic church.

The fortified church is situated on a rocky hill overlooking the surroundings. The monument has its origins in a Roman basilica with fortified walls, representative for the transylvanian romanic style. It was built between 1162 and 1223 with additions in the XIII-th century, but with omissions from the original plan (such as two towers that were never built). Inside the church one can find memorial plates (brought in 1940 from the cemetery of Guşteriţa - Sibiu) with names of German and Austo-Hungarian soldiers that died in the battles of 1916 around Sibiu and also some nice medieval props.

Here is the location and some of my photos below, while other pictures and info can be found here and here:

In the middle of the village there's the evangelic church, built around 1764 in baroque style. There's also a tower left from the older gothic church. The oldest functional pipe organ from Transylvania (from 1723 - the older pipe organ but not working being in the Lutheran Cathedral of Sibiu) can be found here, restored and with an electrical ventilation system (hear it on wikipedia).

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