Cinciş Sunken Village

The Cinciş/Teliuc lake is an artificial lake in Poiana Ruscă Mountains, built in 1962 by the communist regime to provide drinkable and industrial water. Around 800 families and many of the buried were displaced and the entire Cinciş village was sunken. When the water level is low enough one of the old churches can be seen - it has been mentioned in old documents since the year 1360.

The place is wonderful and peaceful, ideal for relaxation (the motor boats and skijets are not allowed on the lake). Swimming, scuba diving and fishing are also common pastimes but some stories tell about the place being haunted (because the sunken village had three churches and a cemetery) and cursed - it is said that every year somebody dies drowned and the body can not be found.

The location on Google Maps and here are some of my photos:

And while some churches had been destroyed, some are being restored, such as the one from the nearby Ghelari village:

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