Densuş Church

All around Transylvania there are old churches dating back to the middle ages, most of them being built between XIV-th and XVI-th century and having fortifications.

Nearby Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, there is one of the oldest churches in today's Romania - the church from the Densuş village, with St.Nicholas as patron (from this village came the remarkable Densușianu family, with members such as Nicolae Densușianu and Ovid Densuşianu). There are different opinions about the history of the church, but it is said to have been built in the VII-th century, on the site of a roman temple from the II-nd century A.D. with its present form dating back to the XIII-th century. The valuable paintings were made by Ștefan Zugravul in 1443.

Some more information regarding this old and mysterious church can be found here and on, while the exact location is this. Taking photos inside the church is forbidden (so you can buy some representing the old paintings from the local priest) but here are some pictures of the church and its suroundings:

Densus ChurchDensus Church
Densus ChurchDensus ChurchDensus ChurchDensus Church
Densus ChurchDensus Church
Densus ChurchDensus Church
Densus ChurchRetezat-Godeanu Mountains seen from Densus

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