Hateg Country Dinosaur Geopark

If you're into really old things you can visit the Dinosaur Geopark from the Haţeg County. Near Sânpetru commune, a few km away from the European road E79, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, were found remnants of herbivorous dinosaurs along with those of turtles and crocodillians dating back to the time when the region was an island in the Tethys Sea.

Fossils were found in different regions of Haţeg County, but the Dinosaur Geopark remains the best places were worldwide scientists can study the unique dwarf dinosaurs of Transylvania.
Some of the fossils found here belong to dinosaur species such as Magyarosaurus dacus (a titanosaurid sauropod), Rhabdodon priscus (an iguanodontid), Telmatosaurus transsylvanicus (a “duck-billed” dinosaur) or Struthiosaurus transylvanicus (an ankylosaur or “armored dinosaur”) and other reptiles such as Kallokibotion bajazidi turtles, Allodaposuchus precedens crocodillians or the flying Hatzegopterix thambema.

Some more info can be found on the official site, here and here and on dinodata.org.

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