Dobrogea Sites - Tomis (Constanţa)

I assume it is fair to start the Dobrogea posts with Constanţa, ancient Tomis, the biggest city in the entire region and one of the biggest cities in Romania. But there's too much to tell, so I think I'll post later more info and maybe some pictures.

A short history of the city can be found on the website of the National History and Archaeology Museum Constanta and details about the today city can be found on Wikipedia.

It's safe to say that, although signs of civilizations were found dating back to the Paleolithic era, the "modern" city appeared during the greek colonization of Pontus Euxinus (The Black Sea) , along with the settlements at Histria and Callatis (today's Mangalia).

One of the symbols of the city is the poet Publius Ovidius Naso, exiled here in AD 9-17 by Octavian Augustus.

There are many places to visit in Constanţa, but its ancient history evolves around the old city, the peninsula, where one can see the ruins of the Roman Baths, the Roman Mosaic, the Archaeology Museum in Ovidiu Square or other sightseeing spots such as The Old Port, The Genoese Lighthouse, The Great Mahmudiye Mosque, The Casino or St. Peter & Paul Orthodox Cathedral.

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