Dobrogea Sites - Hamangia (Baia)

Between Constanţa and Tulcea, on the European road E87 lies the village of Baia, formerly Hamangia. On its nearby territory were found important prehistoric vestiges: to the north-west a neolithic settlement and a group of four mounds and near the lake Goloviţa another neolithic settlement. The village gives its former name to the Hamangia culture. The archaeological findings consist of ceramics (such as the terracotta female figurines) and many other home tools, such as grinders or polished axes.

The neolithic settlement near Baia presents three levels, the oldest being contemporary with the one near lake Goloviţa. The diggings at Ceamurlia de Jos in the years 1952-1955, revealed mostly findings from the 3rd period of the Hamangia culture. Other important archaeological sites for the Hamangia culture are Cernavodă (former Axiopolis) and Durankulak.

Although barely anything can be seen nowadays, here is the Google map .


Amedeah said...

Hey... vroiam sa te intreb daca ma poti ajuta cu niste poze din Baia. Am un proiect pentru facultate legat exact de oras, iar pe net nu am gasit nimic... Mi-ai fi de mare ajutor... mersi mult

C.D.A. said...

sorry... haven't been there yet (thus no pics ;) )