Dobrogea Sites - Histria

On the shore of Pontus Euxinus - Halmyris bay (today Sinoe lake), in the northern part of present Istria Peninsula, arose 2600 years ago the town of Histria, founded by greek navigators and merchants. Olive oil, wine and other greek products were exchanged for products of the local tribes, such as grains, honey, bee wax, leather or salted fish. The city flourished, even after the roman conquest. But sand deposits began to cut the access to the sea and after the Slavs' and Avars' invasions in the 7th century AD the fortress was abandoned. Excavations began in 1914, under the supervising of the great historian and archaeologist Vasile Pârvan.

Much more information can be found on CIMEC, on Wikipedia, and a nice video here.

Google maps location here.

And some of my photos:

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Histria info
- inside Histria Museum

Histria MuseumHistria museum

- the archaeological site

Histria archaeological siteHistria archaeological siteHistria archaeological siteHistria archaeological site

- digging underway

Histria archaeological siteHistria archaeological site

- the Sinoe lake (with an egret)

Sinoe Lake

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