Dobrogea Sites - Intro

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This is the first post in a series that I want to dedicate to Dobrogea (Scythia Minor - Dobrogea [Romanian] or Dobruja [Bulgarian]) region, situated on the western Black Sea coast. To be more precise I am going to post some short descriptions of (mostly) some ancient archaeological sites that can be found in this region (if you would like to know about every archaeological site in Romania feel free to visit the Mapserver for the national cultural heritage), links to (hopefully) useful information and photos that I have personally taken (where available).

More information about Dobrogea can be found at and have to mention though that the history of its first inhabitants dates back to the Stone Age, and while some later ruins can be still visited and admired and some are just being discovered and reconditioned, many were buried or destroyed by modern civilization. I don't plan to give much detail of each site's history, but merely to stir your curiosity about these historical lands. A short history of Dobrogea can also be found here and a much better one here.

Regarding the show places in Tulcea county, the official site has plenty of info.