Corfu (Kerkyra/Κέρκυρα) Island - South

6) The Byzantine Fortress of Gardiki (βυζαντινό Φρούριο Γαρδικίου) - built in the XIII-th century, it is situated near the village of Gardiki among some beautiful olive groves. Although well preserved it is somewhat overlooked by the tourists. It can easily be reached from the main road. Apart from the principal castle, there are numerous other ancient edifices strewn around the castle’s surrounding areas, and each one unique in their architectural features. Tools from the Paleolithic Era were also discovered.

7) Korission Lake (Λίμνη Κορισσίων) - a natural reservation by the sea with an incredible scenery of water and dunes. Unique petrified sand-dunes and Juniperus stands can be found here. A magnificent wild area, it is the nesting ground of over a hundred avian species, many endangered. This is the place with some of the best (i.e. golden sandy) beaches on the island. There's Halikouna beach (3km) and a few more Blue Flag beaches south. But also the strongest currents can be found here so swimmers should be careful.

8) Alikes salt pans (Αλυκές) - not much of a tourist attraction but a special wild peaceful (desert-like) place that I liked. It is a protected area, breeding ground for a number of bird species. Now abandoned, the salt pans were an important part of Corfu's economy. See this article for a short history of Corfu salt extraction. There's also a chapel nearby having as patrol St.John and a small marina. While you're there you could also visit the nearby town of Lefkimi (Λευκίμμη) - the second largest town of the island.

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