Corfu (Kerkyra/Κέρκυρα) Island - North

9) Mountain Pantokrator (Παντοκράτωρ) - the highest point on the island (almost 1000m) gives you an impressive view of the surroundings. On clear days one can see as far as Italy. On the top there is the Monastery of Ipsilos-Pantocrator, dedicated to the transfiguration of Christ, somewhat overwhelmed by a huge antenna. The road to the top is narrow but good for any car.

10) Sidari (Σιδάρι) - a northern lively resort with nice tavernas, as are the nearby resorts of Roda (Ρόδα) and Acharavi (Αχαράβι) [the first two pictures below]. It is famous for it's unique cliff shore sculptured by erosion - the most renown beach is Canal D'Amour (Kανάλι της Αγάπης). It is believed that couples swimming together in the Canal D'Amour will remain together forever.

11) Angelokastro (Αγγελόκαστρο [or Ανγελόκαστρο]) - is one of the most important fortified Byzantine complexes of Corfu. It is a remarkable piece of engineering, situated on top of a cliff in an important strategic position. It played a major role during the Great Siege of Corfu in 1571 when the Turkish attack on the northwestern flank of Corfu was successfully repulsed by the defenders of the castle. The castle dates back to the XI-th century, with evidence that the site was occupied by the early Byzantine period (between V-th-VII-th century AD).

For more info check out Wikipedia and here.

12) Paleokastritsa (Palaiokastritsa/Παλαιοκαστρίτσα) - situated close to the Angelokastro Fortress (from which one has a magnificent panoramic view of the resort, and not only), the resort is one of the most renown of Corfu. It is one of the first villages to be promoted for tourism because of its scenery, rocky formations and fine pebble beaches. It also has a marina where boat trips are organized. More info on the resort cand be found at

This concludes my list of recomended hotspots (take the last picture as a little bonus for the road - all my appreciation for the bus drivers). I initially wanted to name the post series "10 things you shouldn't miss in Corfu" but there are more that 10 things that shouldn't be missed (and i kind of cheated because Corfu Town by itself would mean at least 10 "must see" places) and the title would've been too long :D. And one more note: the listings are not ordered according to their significance but to their location.

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