Priene (Πριήνη)

Not too far south from Ephesus, one can find another ancient city of Ionia - Priene. It is situated inland on a high ground, although it was originally a port city. Because of the continuous silting caused by the Meander River that blocked the city's access to the sea, around 350 BC the citizens built the city on the current location.

Some of the main interest point inside the archaeological site are: The Upper Gymnasium, The Prytaneion, The Byzantine church, The Sacred House, The Fountain, The Provision market, Ionic Temple of Zeus, The Byzantine castle. A nice map of the archaeological site can be found here. I bet the Acropolis gives you a splendid view of the surroundings, but getting there might need some more time (than the one I had for example :( ).

One more thing I would like to mention - depending on the day of the week, one may visit Priene (as Miletus for that matter) in a quiet atmosphere, where no (or very few) touristic group tours are organized. In my opinion this is the best way, when you can enjoy the tranquility of the ruins. 

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