Kavala (Καβάλα) & Ferryboat

Before finishing with my Thassos (Θάσος) posting I have to say something about the sea crossing. You can get to/from Thassos by the ferryboat from Kavala (Καβάλα) or (closer) Keramoti (Κεραμωτή). There are also flying dolphins (hydrofoils) but every normal people takes the ferry (especially if having a car :D). What's so special about the crossing ? Seagulls :) . I've never seen so many seagulls and getting that close, so i figure it's worth posting some photos.

Regarding Kavala (Καβάλα), formerly known as Neapolis and Christoupolis, much more info can be found on Wikipedia or on kavalanet.gr. Coming from Thassos, for me it seemed much too crowded, and the air was suffocating. Far from my ideal Greek town.

Nevertheless it's a town to be included on your visiting list for it's history and the historical monuments (or for bigger shops than the ones on the island if you want). Its most important historic figure is Muhamed Ali Pasha, viceroy of Egypt. But guarding over the city is the castle (dating back to the V-th century) on top of the hill just above the harbor.

Unfortunately I only had a couple of hours for the visit. Some of the main touristic attractions that I'd like to mention are:
  • the monument of Imaret (1818) built by Muhamed Ali. Nowadays it is a unique luxury hotel.
  • the house of Muhamed Ali
  • the ancient aqueduct
  • the church of the Virgin Mary
  • the Archaeological Museum of Kavala
  • the Municipal Museum


William said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

The orient holds a great fascination for me, that's why I have been here so long.

Lately though I am interested in Europe, so I was very glad to see your photos of Greece. It really is a beautiful place, one day I shall take some of your travel tips and make my way there I hope.

Best wishes


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